Studio, 1 Bath 255 SQFT

Revelation In Backyard ADUs

This model allows for maximum flexibility and can be easily
extended using additional modular bedroom attachments.

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Floor Plan

Studio, 1 Bath 255 SQFT | 16′.7″ x 16′.7″

Our Most Versatile ADU
With Minimal Footprint.

lytemods™ U250-01 is a compact Studio ADU with 255 SQFT of interior living space and is designed for maximum comfort. Measuring 16′ 7″ X 16′ 7″, this unit’s open floor plan provides functionality and efficiency. The front door opens to a spacious living, dining & kitchen space. A vaulted ceiling, recessed lighting, and energy-efficient windows add to the unit's charm. The living area easily fits a queen-size sofa bed. The full bath features modern fixtures, tiles, and cabinetry.

lytemods™ U250-01 micro mod has been pre-approved and standardized by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety's (LADBS) ADU Standard Plan Program.

Every unit comes outfitted with:

Optional Upgrades


Using advanced materials, lytemodsTM integrates intelligence into every wall, offering smart devices and sensors that enable the ultimate in home control.

Traditional walls consist of many harmful and environmentally toxic materials, with multiple stages of construction and too many parties involved in the production and installation process. Our walls are revolutionizing the industry!


Light Gauge Steel (LGS)

Superior strength and durability due to structural robustness. Non-Combustable, Moisture & termite resistant. Lower carbon footprint derived from improved logistics, zero waste and recycling, let alone deforestation.


Smart Sensor Ecosystem

Enabling energy efficiency, proactive maintenance, physical and digital safety and security. Over-the-air software updates, combined with serviceability features to provide future-proof upgradeability.

wall surface

High-Performance Surface (HPS)

Smooth texture of stainless, scratch resistant and antimicrobial HPS, family and pet-friendly. Customizable and easy to decorate, this surface creates the ideal wall.
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