Pre-Approved ADU Plans To Build Fast, Safe & Well!

lytemods™ are pre-approved and standardized by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) ADU Standard Plan Program.

In an effort to create a more affordable housing solution for high-rent areas like Los Angeles, lytemods™ has streamlined the process while taking the hassle out of building an ADU by standardizing our mods with the city of LA.

Why Standard Plans for ADUs?

With over 5,000 ADU permit applications being submitted in Los Angeles in each of the past 3 years and over 19,000 since 2015, ADUs are a critical pipeline for adding housing to the city. The launch of the Los Angeles Pre-Approved ADU Standard Plan Program seeks to help accelerate ADU development to new heights.

“This program is about making ADUs more accessible, more affordable, and more beautiful: and making them part of the blueprint of our efforts to tackle our housing crunch and create more affordable communities citywide,” – Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti, March 2021.

Summary of our plan and how it is used:

  • With Standard plans certain elements of the permit documentation are pre-approved but will require additional architecture work to add property-specific details.
  • Minor, non-structural changes such as changes to window/door types and sizes and/or rotating the floor plan are allowed, but further floor plan / structural changes are not allowed when using a Standard Plan.
  • We'll manage your permit process for speedy permit approval and schedule your project with one of our expert lytemods™ Certified Installers.

Contact us today to learn more about the cost and time savings unlocked by using our Pre-Approved Standard Plans.

ADUs are an


Los Angeles is an extremely viable market for ADUs. It pays to build an ADU because:
  • The land is (basically) free!
  • Financing is available and relatively inexpensive.
  • Rents are high in Los Angeles.
  • ADUs tend to generate cash flow immediately.
  • ADUs provide thousands of dollars of rental income per year.
  • ADUs add enormous resale value to your property.