About Us

With more than 30 years of experience in building construction ADU Concepts provides property owners with innovative specially designed ADUs in Los Angeles, California.

At ADU Concepts, our core competency is our ability to re-densify your property to its maximum potential. We provide land use research services with a complete development probability analysis including construction costs forecast and financial model feasibility analysis, CAD design, architectural drafting, structural engineering, permit expediting and complete construction services of the entire proposed project.

Our team of professionals have performed foundation and structural construction to more than 500 LA properties. Through our specialization we’ve mastered the ins and outs of designing, permitting and building ADUs in the City of Los Angeles.

Until now, if you wanted to add an ADU to your property, you’d have to:

ADU Concepts sustainable designs are innovative and spacious and our unrivaled one-stop-shop process is fast and efficient, allowing us to complete our projects in half the time of traditional builds, with potentially significant cost savings.

Every ADU we design is built to exceed local code requirements.

From sketches to building plans, city approval to construction and through to final inspection, our expert team of Architects, Engineers, Administrators and Construction Professionals have the in-house knowledge and reputation to get the job done, and since we’re on the project every step of the way, you always know what the plan is and how much it will cost.

ADUs are an


Los Angeles is an extremely viable market for ADUs. It pays to build an ADU because:
  • The land is (basically) free!
  • Financing is available and relatively inexpensive.
  • Rents are high in Los Angeles.
  • ADUs tend to generate cash flow immediately.
  • ADUs provide thousands of dollars of rental income per year.
  • ADUs add enormous resale value to your property.